Senior School

We cater for Years 4-8 and are comprised of eleven classes, including some Samoan (Tautua Mo Tupulaga) and Maori  (Te Whānau Āwhina) classrooms.

Our Senior School is a vibrant unit of enthusiastic teachers and keen students. We provide a large range of opportunities for our Senior children, both inside and outside the classroom. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • CDL (Clendon Developing Leaders) - a leadership programme for Year 5-8 students;
  • Sport - we participate in almost every inter-school sporting competition offered by the MPSSA (Manurewa Primary Schools Sports Association).
  • Our Year 7-8 students are also catered for through the Central Counties Sports Group;
  • Electives - Every Thursday afternoon, teachers take a group of children in an area of interest. This has included Choir, sports teams,
  • Mainstream Kapa Haka, Indoor Games, Photography, Cooking and many more;
  • School Councillors - Each year, children are selected to be our School Councillors. They are heavily involved in leadership initiatives around the school;
  • Hauora Tamariki - Led by Ma Cynthia Belk, our Hauora Tamariki group focusses on the health and well-being of our students;
  • Road Patrol - Our Road Patrol team have extensive training throughout the year and are an integral part of our ongoing focus on road safety;
  • Study Centre - Our Study Centre is open to students from Year 6 and up. They meet every afternoon to complete homework, as well as to partake in other academic extension activities. Our Study Centre is run by teachers from our school.

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Homework Expectations

It is expected that children will complete homework during the school week, even if it just reading.

Behaviour Standards

We set very high standards of behaviour for the tamariki at Clendon Park and expect these standards to be adhered to at all times. If there are any behavioural problems, the classroom teacher will deal with it in the first instance. Tamariki will be sent to Mr Dawson (Senior Team leader) for a second infringement and to our Principal, Mrs Dawson, if concerns continue. Parents will be kept informed of any behavioural concerns.