Student Cellphone Policy



We will ensure students do not use or access a personal phone while they are attending school, including during lunch time and breaks.  This includes students who are on a school course or visit outside the school grounds.


This will be in effect at the start of Term 1, 30 January 2024.


 We will allow students to use or access a phone when : 


  • a phone is needed for health reasons (for example, to monitor insulin levels); or

  • a phone is needed to help a student with a disability or learning support need (for example, to assist with impaired communication); or

  • a teacher requires students to use phones for a specific educational task or purpose ( for example, for a class assignment).  Usage of the cellphone will be monitored by the teacher: or

  • the principal decides that they are needed for special circumstances.


  • Students will hand their cellphone in at the office when they arrive at school daily.

  • Students can collect cellphones from 3:00pm.

  • Cellphones will be named and stored in a locked cupboard in the school office during the day.

  • It is important to note that if students do make the decision to bring a cellphone to the school grounds, they do so at their own risk.  The school is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any cellphone.


Education outside the classroom (EOTC)


  • Whilst on school trips, phones should be switched off and placed in their bags.  Permission may be sought to use the camera, but other mobile features should not be accessed.


Health and emergency situations

  • Students with additional learning needs who use cellphones in class to increase or improve their ability to participate and learn will be granted an exemption.  In matters related to a student’s immediate health and safety concerns, a parent or caregiver can apply at any time to the principal for a period of exemption (e.g. medical conditions or protection issues).

  • We understand that some parents like their children to have a phone to communicate with them after school, cellphones will be available for students during the after school pick up time.  If a parent or caregiver needs to contact their child urgently during the day, they should call the front office.


Appropriate usage

  • There may be times when students will be able to access and use their cellphones.  However, this is the exception and will always be monitored by teaching staff.


Learning activities

  • If cellphones are used for a learning activity, this will be at the teacher’s discretion and the phone’s use will be supervised by a staff member.  Guidelines on appropriate usage still apply

  • If we see a student using a personal digital device inappropriately or without permission during the school day, we confiscate it.  After the student locks the device, we place it in the office to be collected by a parent or guardian.

  • Breaches of the cellphone rules include (but not limited to): 


  • using the device when not permitted

  • any sort of bullying, including online bullying

  • taking photos or videos of other people without their permission

  • forwarding inappropriate messages or content.


Policy promulgated:  1 February 2024