Our Teams

The staff at Clendon Park School is a passionate, caring, and dedicated team, committed to ensuring that all students receive high quality learning programmes in stimulating learning environments.

As well as developing skills and knowledge, our staff teach values and attitudes within meaningful learning contexts. As a team, we want our school to be one where each student achieves to their personal best and attains success.

Our staff work in close partnership with the community to ensure that our students become confident, connected, actively involved, self managing, life long learners.

Within our school we have four teams.

We have the Junior School, which includes children in the first half of their primary school education. This includes children in the New Entrants through to Year 3 or Year 4.

The Senior School, which caters for students in the latter stage of their primary school education. This includes children from Year 4 to Year 6 or Year 8 (in the bi-lingual classes).

We are also very lucky to have our two bi-lingual units within Clendon Park School.

The Te Whanau Awhina team encompasses the junior and senior classes within the Maori bi-lingual team.

Tautua mo Tupulaga includes the classes, both junior and senior within the Samoan bi-lingual team.

Junior Team
Senior School
Nga Pihinga
Tautua mo Tupulaga
Te Puawai
Te Whanau Awhina