Community Support

SWIS - Social Worker In Schools

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Our school is exceptionally fortunate in having a Social Worker based on the school site. This has made a very real difference for families and students in our school zone.

Our Social Worker has built strong links with the many agencies who support our families. They have been able to support families in areas of housing, benefit applications, medical issues and counselling to name a few. Our school Social Worker is a very visible person in our school community. Most of their referrals come from our students and community members.

They are very much part of all our school activities, both EOTC (education outside the classroom) and in classrooms. They run a number of programmes in the school such as the Friendship Club, Grief, Loss and Change programme.

Dental Clinic

We do not have a permanent Dental Clinic at our school. Each year, a Dental Caravan visits our school for a period of time. All students are checked and given follow up treatments where appropriate. For any other dental treatment needed, please contact the Browns Road Dental Clinic, 5C Browns Rd, Manurewa,  264 0047.

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School Nurse

Both parents and teachers can make referrals for students who are causing concern. Our Nurse makes follow up home visits where necessary and supports our families with medical advice and guidance. Within our school, the Public Health Nurses runs information sessions for staff and parents on topics such as Epipen use, management of anaphalaxis, CPR etc.

Through our Public Health Nurse, our students have access to all medical doctors, specialists they may need to keep them healthy and well.

We have a nurse based at our school fulltime.  Her main role is to swab any students who have sore throats and provide them with antibiotics if they are needed.  Our nurse also attends to skin infections and other general health matters for our students.