Board of Trustees

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Clendon Park School is governed by a dedicated, highly committed and very experienced Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees has strong commitment to ensuring that our school is reflective of the needs and aspirations of our community.  Our Trustees bring a wide range of expertise, skills and knowledge to their governance roles. The Board provide opportunities to harness community enthusiasm and involvement in the school and are always open to multiple solutions and pathways which meet the needs of our staff and students. 

The Board actively provide direction for Clendon Park School through the development, monitoring and continuous review of school policies, procedures and practices.  The focus of all Board work is on further raising student achievement, not only academically but holistically. 

Board Meetings are held on each third Friday of the month starting at 3.00 pm in the Staffroom. Meeting times are published in the School Newsletter. You are warmly invited to attend our Board meetings at any time.

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Latest Board Updates

  • The Board have recently had a top of the range adventure playground / fitness circuit installed in the school at a cost of $185,000.  This facility was opened officially by Steve Price.  A second smaller adventure playground has been installed for special needs students.
  • The Education Review Office (ERO) visited our school in November 2015.  The Board have received an excellent ERO Report and ERO will revisit on a 4 - 5 year cycle.
  • Three new roll growth classrooms and an office suite have recently been completed.  This now completes the Te Whānau Āwhina Maori bilingual complex.
  • The Board has recently worked with the school carver O'Dell Toi who designed and carved the Waharoa for the entry way into the Maori bilingual unit and the whare/whare kai complex.


2022 Board of Trustee Elections

Parent Election Results Declaration:  (no voting election required)

At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following duly elected:

      Wayne Bennett

      Talia Brown

      Alisi Dickson

      Alieta Sio

      Peni Turner


 Staff Representative Results Declaration:   

Alicia  Jones  21

Desmond  Moemoe 31                                                                                    Invalid Votes       0                 

I hereby declare Desmond  Moemoe  duly elected.


Dudley Adams

Returning officer 

Board Members






Mrs Sue Dawson

Principal / Correspondence Secretary


Mr Desmond Moemoe

Staff Trustee

Mr Wayne Bennett

Presiding Trustee

Mrs Peni Turner


Mrs Alisi Dickson


Mātua Alex Tairua

Co-opted Trustee / Kaumātua

Ms Talia Brown








Ms Alieta Sio


Trustee not photographed:

Mrs Alieta Sio - Trustee